Moritzplatz Magdeburg Memorial (Memorials Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt)

Stiftung Gedenkstätten
Gedenkstätte Moritzplatz
Umfassungsstraße 76
39124 Magdeburg

Mr. Bohse
Mr. Stucke, PhD
Tel. +49 (0)391 2445590


The Moritzplatz Magdeburg Memorial is located in the former Magdeburg-Neustadt remand prison. It commemorates the people who were imprisoned here for political reasons between 1945 and 1989.

They were brought into custody by Soviet secret police, the East German justice, the German People's Police (Deutsche Volkspolizei) and the Ministry of State Security (Stasi). This is one of the few memorial sites where the original cellblock, the yard walk and other historical places are still integrated into the educational work.

Cold War Interests: 

The Moritzplatz Magdeburg Memorial hosts a permanent exhibition as well as special exhibitions and events dedicated to the German division and political persecution in the Soviet occupation zone and in the GDR.