Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche (Università Roma Tre)

Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche
Università Roma Tre
Via. G. Chiabrera, 199
00145 Rome

Prof. Dr. Leopoldo Nuti



Since its foundation in 1996, the Department of Political Studies has developed a strong vocation for international and interdisciplinary studies. The Department has 62 members, whose research activities span across the fields of Political Science, International Relations, Government, History, Economics, Cooperation, Development, Peace Research and European Studies.

Cold War Interests: 

Our department is the Italian hub of the Nuclear Proliferation International History Project, and as such we have been involved in a number of research projects and activities mostly related to the nuclear and strategic dimension of the Cold War. Our research interests cover the Transatlantic debates about nuclear strategies, the role of scientists and transnational political movements in shaping the nuclear policies of the Western countries, the growing importance of nuclear proliferation since the 1970s. We have also explored the role of Italy as a theater in the Cold War, particularly in the period from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Publications include: Leopoldo Nuti, Frédéric Bozo, Marie Pierre Rey, and Bernd Rother (eds.), The Euromissiles Crisis and the End of the Cold War (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2015); Leopoldo Nuti & Christian Ostermann, Nuclear History and the Cold War: Trajectories of Research.  A special issue of Cold War History, 15:3 (2015); Leopoldo Nuti, Bruna Bagnato & Massimiliano Guderzo¸ Nuove questioni di storia delle relazioni internazionali. Studi in onore di Ennio Di Nolfo (Roma: Laterza, 2015); and Nuti & Ostermann, Extended Deterrence in Europe and East Asia During the Cold War – A Reappraisal. A Special Issue of The Journal of Strategic Studies, 39:4 (June 2016).