Department of Social Sciences (Namangan Institute of Engineering and Technology)

Namangan Institute of Engineering
and Technology (NIET)
Department of Social Sciences
7 Kasansay Street
160115 Namangan

Prof. Muhammadjon Alihanov 
Tel. + 998 93 6781977


The Department of Social Sciences at the Namangan Institute of Engineering and Technology (NIET) (Namangan Muhandislik Texnologiya Instituti) in Uzbekistan teaches historical, social sciences, and humanities subjects to non-specialized students. The Institute takes a leading position among the teaching facilities of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It mainly prepares bachelor students in the technical specialties.

Cold War Interests: 

As a historian and the Department's head at the Namangan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Professor Muhammadjon Alihanov conducts research on the Cold War, focussing on topics including the intelligentsia in social-cultural processes from the 1950s to the 1990s. His classes are required in order to provide students with the basis of the country's history. The history of the Soviet government in Uzbekistan which carried out its activities based on the doctrines of the communist ideology is also part of the course. Thus, classes like "Process and Politics of Repression of the Soviet Regime in Uzbekistan" or the "History of the Soviet Union and its satellites in the late 20th century" are taught. The difference between capitalism and communism is explained, for instance, with sources about economic activities from the Soviet Union and the nations of the European Union before 1990. Alihanov also leads an reading group of 15 students called "Zakovat," in which they discuss and teach the history of Uzbekistan, also during the Soviet period.

As a historian, Alihanov has participated in many conferences and seminars on the Cold War period, including the Conferences of Young Scientists in 2010 and 2011. Furthermore, he has organized public talks through students, on local TV, and in regional Mahalla (citizens councils). His publications cover many topics, the latest is on "Looking in the Past: Social Studies in Political History of Uzbekistan," in: "Public opinion. Human rights," Uzbekistan's Humanitarian Journal, 4th issue (2015).