Centre Marc Bloch

Centre Marc Bloch
Friedrichstraße 191
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Sébastien Vannier
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The Centre Marc Bloch is a Franco-German Research Center for Social Sciences and was founded after German Reunification. In 2011 it became a so-called "An-Institut" of the Humboldt University as a result of a cooperative agreement.

The Centre Marc Bloch devotes a great deal of attention to the development of PhD students on an interdisciplinary and hybrid Franco-German scientific cultural basis. Its activities are based on interdisciplinary research groups, seminars, and conferences. The Centre is open to international cooperation in all fields of social and human sciences on interdisciplinary topics.


Cold War Interests: 

The research projects about the Cold War are part of a general reflection about the Eastern Bloc and the establishment of communism in the Eastern Part of Europe after 1945.

Three concepts are central to our approach:

Space: it is a key notion in order to question the diversity of historical experiences, the representation of spaces (mental maps) and the socio-political construction of territories.

Circulation: this concept deals not only with the transfers of models but also with all the forms of resistance and appropriation of political domination.

Fractures: this space is marked by different revolutions and crises that produced discontinuities. It is crucial to question the different paths that Easten European countries took during the last two centuries.