Centre d'études Germaniques Interculturelles de Lorraine (Université de Lorraine)

Université de Lorraine
UFR Arts, Lettres et Langues
Ile du Saulcy - CS 70328
F-57045 Metz cedex 01

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Pfeil
Tel. +33 (0)6 30 32 50 21



CEGIL (Lorraine Research Group in Multicultural German Studies) is made up of specialists in German, Austrian, Scandinavian and Dutch literature, in the history of ideas and civilization (15th-21st c.). It ranks among the leading groups in its field – on a national and an international basis. CEGIL research – linking up 3 main notions ("identities", "frontiers" and "networks") – is dedicated to the study of interdisciplinary and multicultural theories and practices. Using all types of documents this research is principally oriented along the study of transfers, communication, exchanges and interaction between different environments and cultures. Thanks also to its collaboration with non-academic institutions, CEGIL gives the larger public general access to the results of its research.

Cold War Interests: 

German history and the history of Franco-German relations after 1945 are among the main research areas of the CEGIL. Notably, the Franco-West-German rapprochement after World War II can only be understood in the context of the Cold War, which significantly accelerated this process. Another related key question addressed by the Center's research activities concerns the GDR's role in the development of Franco-German relations. In this regard, it can be assumed that the German-German rivalry, as it influenced relationships with France, led to a general intensification of Franco-West-German relations. As per its interdisciplinary scope, the CEGIL also focuses on the various cultural forms of expression during the Cold War. In accordance with its involvement in teacher training in Germany and in France, it is furthermore engaged in research on school and schoolbooks and the production of knowledge in the period of East-West confrontation.

| Conferences:

18-20 June 2015
"Das geteilte Deutschland im Schulbuch. Die Darstellung des Kalten Krieges am Beispiel Deutschlands in den (Geschichts-) Schulbüchern von 1945 bis in die Gegenwart", Metz

4-6 October 2012
"Der deutsche Film im Kalten Krieg", Metz

7-8 June 2012
"Der Platz der DDR in den deutsch-französischen Beziehungen", Metz

| Publications:

Corine Defrance, Ulrich Pfeil, Histoire franco-allemande, vol. 10 : Entre guerre froide et intégration européenne. Reconstruction et rapprochement 1945–1963, Villeneuve d’Ascq, Septentrion, 2012.

Anne Kwaschik, Ulrich Pfeil (Hg.), Die DDR in den deutsch-französischen Beziehungen, Bruxelles, Peter Lang, 2013.

Christin Niemeyer, Ulrich Pfeil (Hg.), Der deutsche Film im Kalten Krieg = Cinema allemand et guerre froide, Bruxelles, Peter Lang, 2014.