Centre of Cold War - Checkpoint Charlie Gallery

Zentrum Kalter Krieg - Ausstellung am Checkpoint Charlie e.V.
Wegenerstr. 19
10713 Berlin
Rainer E. Klemke
Tel. +49 (0)152 34142946



The association seeks to establish a Cold War Museum at Checkpoint Charlie and supports the Cold War BlackBox project at Checkpoint Charlie as the planned museum's info-box. The association's publicity for the project includes an appeal supported by many prominent figures in politics and academia. With the backing of renowned scholars it is actively involved in realizing this goal.

Cold War Interests: 

Through events, appeals and discussions the association is working toward the goal of establishing a Cold War Museum at Checkpoint Charlie. With its advisory board of international personalities it has generated an initial concept for the museum, produced a feasibility study and advises Berlin's cultural administration. In cooperation with international research institutes including the Cold War International History Project of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation in Washington, DC, and the Berlin Center for Cold War Studies, the association supports research and public presentations on the subject of the Cold War and its effects – and not least on current political developments.