Berlin Center for Cold War Studies

Berliner Kolleg Kalter Krieg
Zimmerstraße 56

10117 Berlin

Tel. +49 (0)30 555 740 990


The Berliner Kolleg Kalter Krieg | Berlin Center for Cold War Studies is a joint project of the Institute of Contemporary History Munich-Berlin, the Federal Foundation for the Study of the Communist Dictatorship in Eastern Germany and the Humboldt University of Berlin.

The Center is a place of international scholarly exchange and the continuing development of historiographic research devoted to the Cold War. It focuses on international and inter-German relations, the perception and management of conflicts, the history of emotions, the Cold War's impact on societies and sciences in East and West and the culture of remembrance that has emerged since 1990. The Center carries out independent projects and offers public lectures, conferences and exhibitions.

Cold War Interests: 

Our principal theme of "Grenzen des Kalten Krieges | Compromising the Cold War" represents an effort to grasp the Cold War as global history that goes far beyond East-West relations and the confrontation of the superpowers. Its frontiers were found not only on the political map but also in societal and political ideas of order and patterns of thought. It also included transgressions of these frontiers – what made them permeable and opened (or closed) them. Essentially, we seek to provide new impulses for Cold War research, which continues to occupy a marginal position in Germany. The Center shall contribute to this effort in various ways: through specialized conferences and round tables for young scholars, as well as events aimed at a broader public (lecture series, book presentations, lectures, speeches, podium discussions and exhibitions).  And, not least, the Center shall promote an academic network in Germany while being a contact point for scholars from around the world interested in using archives or presenting their work.