Baltic Border Tower Society Kuehlungsborn

Ostsee-Grenzturm Museum Kühlungsborn
An der Strandpromenade 1a
18225  Kühlungsborn

Grenzturm e.V.,
Verein zur Erhaltung von
Denkmälern der Geschichte
Ostseeallee 1a
18225  Kühlungsborn

Knut Wiek
Tel. +49 (0)3829314020

Opening Hours:
June to September
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
2 pm - 5 pm

October to May
Tuesday, Friday
2 pm - 5 pm

Tours after notification via E-Mail or by telephone +49 (0)15207482939 (Mr. Furter).


The Baltic Border Tower Society was founded in 2002 with the objective of preserving the GDR border observation tower in Kuehlungsborn as a historic memorial, and conveying the history of the tower in a lively manner. Our society takes part in the Baltic initiative and network.

Cold War Interests: 

The topics include personal stories and experiences, background information of life at the Baltic border. The archives of the society contain a collection of files, interviews, photos and original objects.