Atomic Heritage Foundation

Atomic Heritage Foundation
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Alexandra Levy
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The Atomic Heritage Foundation (AHF), founded by Cynthia Kelly in 2002, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Washington, DC, dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the Manhattan Project and the Atomic Age and its legacy.

The Foundation's goal is to provide the public not only a better understanding of the past but also a basis for addressing scientific, technical, political, social and ethical issues of the 21st century. AHF works with Congress, the Department of Energy, National Park Service, state and local governments, nonprofit organizations and the former Manhattan Project communities to preserve and interpret historic sites and develop useful and accessible educational materials for veterans, teachers, and the general public.

Cold War Interests: 

The Atomic Heritage Foundation (AHF) seeks to educate the public about Manhattan Project, Cold War, and nuclear history. AHF's oral history website, "Voices of the Manhattan Project", features over 460 interviews (as of August 2017), and more interviews are uploaded each week. Many of the interviewees discuss the Cold War, their work on nuclear weapons, and reflections on nuclear proliferation and the arms race. AHF's YouTube channel includes over 20 videos of US nuclear tests, including Operation Plumbbob and Operation Buster-Jangle. AHF's main website has dozens of articles on the Cold War, nuclear science and history, and the nuclear arms race. The website also includes primary and secondary source documents important to Cold War history. In the future, AHF plans to interview more American scientists and engineers who worked on nuclear weapons during the Cold War, and develop more educational articles online on the Cold War.